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Participant Testimonials

Tara Dillon - CEO, CIMSPA  
Excellent course – insightful, testing and challenging. Made me re-think my role, our vision and strategy.

Matt Archibald - CEO, English Institute of Sport  
A full-on experience that requires a level of commitment on behalf of participants in order to make the most of your peers' and the faculty's wide experience.

Mark Lawrie - CEO, Street Games
Positively challenging, immersive, thought-provoking, behaviour changing input from great sector leaders. Intense, at times uncomfortable but hugely rewarding and energising. Transformed my approach to leadership.

Jon Giles - CEO, Jubiliee Hall Trust
A valuable insightful way of challenging your current views of yourself and the resulting power that can be created by truly understanding the potential you have not yet unlocked.

Phil Hornsey - Director of Development, UK Coaching  
It’s rare for a course to provide so much genuinely useful knowledge and development, and to do it in such a fresh, mentally-challenging way.

Jonathan Hughes - CEO, London Youth Games 
Forced my mind down new paths. A great opportunity to explore practical problems with useful theoretical context, in the company of other leaders facing similar issues.

Nikki Baker - CEO, Next Level Swimming Academy  
A high impact and engaging course that takes you out of your comfort zone with the right balance of support and challenge. The learning, frameworks and toolkits can be immediately applied.
Sara Sutcliffe – CEO, Royal Yachting Association
Great at getting me to face the issues head on, helping validate my own thought processes and supporting my decision making.

Martin Glenn - CEO, The FA
I’ve not experienced this quality of structured coaching before and would certainly recommend to other organisations.

Andy Cairns - Director, Sky Sport News
A great ability to pull together disparate groups, differing views and conflicting opinions to find common ground and coherent strategies.

Sadie Mason - CEO, Sussex County Sports Partnership
Enabled all to make valued contributions of very diverse views.

Nick Hounsfield - CEO, British Surfing
An incredibly positive experience. Improved my ability to empower, develop and challenge my personal brand and to become a better leader.

Lee Hamill - Director, BT Olympic Partnership
Highly structured and collaborative approach to problem solving and strategic planning helped us garner strong support.

Stephanie Maurel – Strategic Lead People, Sport England
Focused yet natural, with a raft of tools to support all situations.

Jo Adams - CEO, England Netball
I constantly use many of the tools around influencing, prioritisation and understanding strengths.

Adrian Christy - CEO, Table Tennis England
Interventions around organisational strategy have been game-changing.

Duncan Truswell - Strategic Lead Talent and Performance, Sport England
Gave me the opportunity and stimulus to reflect on some of my priority development areas coupled with tools and techniques to help me improve which will stay with me long beyond the conclusion of the course.

Paul Stokes - Head of Public Health, Southwark Council
Gave the space and freedom to explore. It was incredibly empowering, we cleared the fog, set a range of new challenging goals and future aspirations. Oustanding patience, understanding and clarity of purpose - I highly recommend.

Rimla Akhtar MBE - Founder, Get On Board
Transformational leadership programme. A unique combination of top-quality coaching backed by a deep understanding of the sport sector, which leads to a vastly improved leadership for our fast paced industry.

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